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The 5 benefits of community-led storytelling

Dive into the 5 benefits that reveal why merging local insights with expert fundraising creates unbeatable campaigns. Learn how empowering local voices not only brings genuine narratives to the forefront but also streamlines processes, saving you time and money. Don't miss the chance to harness this game-changing approach and become the favorite of donors of all ages.

Enhanced Story Finding

Empowerment & Ownership

Powerful Stories

Quick Turnaround

Cost Effective


About Story Bridge

Story Bridge was founded by me, Sietske Broekhuizen. I am a communications specialist with ten years of experience in a bridge function between the project community and fundraising specialists.

I founded Story Bridge with the mission to empower community-based communicators to take up a leading role in non profit storytelling. The community should be in charge of the story that is told about them.

I believe that when communicators from the community cooperate with fundraising communicators, the best, most authentic, and most cost-effective campaigns are built.
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"With Sietske’s help, I was able to deliver successful materials and content that left a great impact on our audience, and, following her instructions, I have learned and developed my skills in writing and communication."
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