How to reach Gen Y and Z with community-led communications.

Is Gen Z the most charitable generation of Donors?

Next-Gen (Y &Z) U.S Donors Gave Away $5 Billion in 2022

According to Forbes, Gen Z might be the most charitable generation of donors. Next-gen donors (gen Y and Z) were expected to give an average of $738 per person in 2022 in the United States. The number will only grow as they progress in their career and income in the coming years.

But then why do so many
Non- Profits struggle to reach
Next- Gen Donors?

Here’s why: Many non-profit narratives are steeped in outdated ‘savior’ themes. Organizations lack the capacity to communicate at the pace that Next-Gen Donors require.

Community-led storytelling provides a solution for both of these issues.

What is Community-Led Storytelling?

Community-led storytelling is about giving back the ownership of the story to those it belongs to (the served community). Among other things, this entails giving a central role to storytellers from within the community.

Why Community-Led Storytelling?

Community-led storytelling helps to oust outdated narratives such as colonially influenced and non-inclusive narratives. Narratives that scare away younger donors, who are very concerned with social justice.

Community-led storytelling also enables non-profits to communicate with next-gen donors in ways that speak to them: interactive, real-time, and authentic.